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Paint Spills on Carpet

paint spill on carpet

I have a paint spill!

This is the time of year when people like to paint. A lot of people relocate in the summer months and that means painting the current home and the new home. Whether the home owner is doing the painting or they have hired a professional, accidents still happen.

Protect from Paint Spills

Before beginning a project cover the floor and anything else you can’t move out of the room with plastic. Double layer if possible, this will help prevent gaps.


Sometimes it just happens. Even though we have prepared, somehow we manage to spill paint. There are many types of paint so the steps to handle a paint spill vary, but the first step is the same. Blot! Get some clean white towels or white rags and blot it up. You can use paper towels if you want.  Blot, blot, and blot.  Do not rub or scrub as that will push the paint further into the carpet. Get as much as you can by blotting.

Keep Paint Spills Wet

That sounds a bit odd, but it is true. It is best to keep a paint spill wet. Do not let it dry. Dried paint is much harder to get out.  Put some plastic wrap or damp rags over it to keep it from drying.

Different Types of Paint

Water- based Latex

Wet the paint spill with plain water or a solution of mild neutral detergent and 8 ounces of water. Blot it up, working from the outside of the spill to the inside, and keep repeating this until the paint is gone. You can also use a shop vac to suck up the dampened paint if you have one. It can take time, so if you do not have the patience for it or just are not seeing the results you want, call a professional carpet cleaner to come take care of it for you.

Oil based

You need to call a professional carpet cleaner to take care of this. If you live in Manassas there are several local Manassas professional carpet cleaners that can help you with this.



IICRC – What is it?

IICRC stands for Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. It is a non-profit organization that sets the standard for inspection, cleaning and restoration industries worldwide. It is in 25 countries over the world and seeks to promote an international standard of care.

Certified technicians are trained and must complete the curriculum courses and pass the standardized exams.

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Carpet Drying Times

carpet drying time

How long does it take carpets to dry?

Carpet drying times is one of the most commonly asked questions in the carpet cleaning industry. If you are having your carpets cleaned by hot water extraction there are several factors that will affect the drying time.

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Carpet Trends for 2014

Carpet Trends

In this year, the carpet trend is toward textures and patterns. These are popular because they hid soil and vacuum patterns. Eco-Friendly is also a big carpet trend.

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When to Replace Carpet

Replace Carpet

How do you decide if you should replace carpet in your home? There are several things to consider when trying to decide.

What Age to Replace Carpet

Most carpet and padding should last 10 years. This depends on various factors such as the quality of the carpet, the care of the carpet and the use of the carpet.  Properly maintained quality carpet can last longer.

Carpets change as they age. Over time they will stretch and unravel.  The cushioning will flatten.

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Vacuum Basics

vacuum basics for carpet

Why Should You Vacuum

Vacuuming your carpet correctly is the first and easiest step to keeping your carpet clean and looking good. The carpet traps allergens and vacuuming will remove them, reduce the amount of allergens in the home.

Dirt is abrasive to carpet fibers and can grind into the carpet when people walk on it.  This causes the fibers to wear down and shortens the life of your carpet. Regular vacuuming removes this abrasive substance and protects the carpet from wear.

Vacuuming also lifts the carpet piles and keep it looking new longer.

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Rainy Day – Mud on Carpet

Rainy Day and Mud on Carpets

Rain, rain go away and take the mud with you. Most of us are in the mood for spring cleaning, but the weather is still fighting us here in Northern Virginia. Rain, rain, rain. We aren’t getting just a sprinkle here, but small rivers are running in our yards. Days like these create mud puddles and trails of mud being dragged into the home on shoes and boots.

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Clean Chewing Gum from Carpet

Chewing Gum Stuck in Carpet

Chewing Gum stuck in carpet? How can that happen? Someone stepped in gum and did not take their shoes off before entering the house, or maybe the children were doing an unofficial science project and forgot to tell you about it. However it happened, there it is.  It just sits there mocking you, almost laughing at how it has decorated your lovely carpet.  You do not have to put up with that. You can take care of that chewing gum with some items you probably have in the home.

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Allergens in Carpet

Allergens in Carpet


Is carpet bad for people with allergies? No, multiple studies have not found any link between carpets, allergies or asthma attacks.  Carpets actually act as a filter and trap allergens, keeping them out of the air. The carpet filters and traps dust mites, pet dander, dust, mold, dirt, pollen and other allergens. Just think of your carpet as a giant furnace filter. It needs to be cleaned regularly to get rid of the dirt and allergens and keep it working efficiently. Regular cleaning of your giant carpet “filter” can actually help.

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Spring Clean Carpet Cleaning

Spring Clean

Spring has arrived in Northern Virginia. In spite of the snowfall this week, the robins have returned and are busy building their nests. It is time to start thinking about spring cleaning.

Spring Clean Door Mats

It is time to give those door mats a thorough cleaning or even replace them if they are worn. They will continue to protect your floors during the spring showers and pollen season.

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