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Thanksgiving and Your Carpet

Thanksgiving Carpet

Thanksgiving is a day for family. A lot of us have family coming in or we are going to visit family. We all want the house to look its best when the company comes. In fact a lot of us have our carpets cleaned before the holiday.  How do you keep the carpet clean with all the family and friends and all the food and drink?

Thanksgiving Door Mats

Here in Northern Virginia, it looks like we are in some nasty, wet weather for Thanksgiving Day. Have mats at all entrances to the home so people can wipe their shoes off before entering the home.  If you are comfortable asking your guests to remove their shoes it is big step toward minimizing the tracking of soil on the floors.

Thanksgiving Dinner and Carpet

If possible, try to keep food and drink limited to specific rooms. The kitchen, dining and family rooms are the most popular. You can keep an eye out for spills if you have just a few places to watch over. There is less chance of accidents if people aren’t setting cups and plates in strange places like the book shelf.

Thanksgiving Spills

Spills will probably happen. Act quickly, but do not panic and make your guests feel uncomfortable. For solids, just pick them up and blot up any remaining spot. For liquids blot them up as quickly as possible. Remember not to rub, always blot the spot. Try not to worry too much about it and don’t let it spoil your day with your guests.  See our stain guide for help with spills. Remember you can always call a professional in McLean to clean up what did not come out.

Next Thanksgiving

We recommend getting carpet and upholstery protector before the big holiday event. It really does help to protect the carpet and furniture from accidental spills and heavy traffic. It give you more time to blot it up before it can sink into the fibers.

Professional Carpet Cleaner or DIY

carpet cleaner

We are a big believer in doing it yourself, however there really are some things that should be left to the professionals.

My carpet is only a year old, it is not even dirty.

Why should I clean it? If you wait until your carpet looks dirty, your carpet might be damaged. The microscopic soil on the carpet that your vacuum doesn’t get to is ground into the fibers of your carpet just by walking on it. The grinding will wear down the carpet fibers.  Also, microscopic pollen and dust mites build up in the carpet as well. Just for you own respiratory health the EPA recommends that a two person non-smoking household has the carpet cleaned every 6-12 months. If you have smokers or more family members, than it should be cleaned even more often.

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Pumpkins and Carpets


Pumpkins are everywhere right now! Maybe even on your carpet.  It is the season and if you have not carved a pumpkin yet, you probably will soon.  What happens if your toddler gets a bit too enthusiastic and spreads some seeds and fibrous stands on the carpet? We all know a toddler can out run the fastest parent alive, but do not let it spoil the fun.

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Fireplace and Carpet

fireplace and carpet

Fireplace safety is something to think about now, before you build your first fire of the season and snuggle down in front of it. You should do an inspection of the fireplace yourself and call a pro to get that chimney cleaned. They can do a proper inspection and make sure it is in proper working order for the fall and winter seasons.

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Fall Leaves Tracking in the House

Fall Leaves

I had a friend ask me the other day, “How do I get the husband and kids to stop tracking the fall leaves in the house and on the floors?” Sadly, there is no magic fix but there are some steps you can take to help.

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Winterize Your Outdoor Faucet

outdoor faucet

Your outdoor faucet is one of the things you should think about inspecting and winterizing now. As autumn has arrived in Northern Virginia, so have the cooler nights and a hard freeze is surely just around the corner.

Your outdoor faucet can be called by various names.  It can be called a hose bib, a sill cock or a wall hydrant as well as a faucet and as my momma says, “Spigot”.

Some of today’s newer homes come with new “freeze proof” faucets. These faucets extend farther back inside the house where it is warmer and therefore should not freeze. However, even these faucets can benefit from some easy maintenance.

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Pet Vomit on Carpet

Pet Vomit

Pet vomit will stain quickly so clean it up as soon as you notice it. It is not a pleasant subject, but no matter how careful you are, pets do get sick or eat something they should not. The favorite spot to get rid of it always seems to be the carpet.  When this happens, try to take care of it as soon as possible.

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Fall Allergy Season

Fall allergy season

For some of us, autumn is the allergy season. Forget about spring. We find all sorts of things are upsetting our respiratory systems at this time of year. The most common causes for allergies this time of year are mold, ragweed and dust mites.

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Filtration Soiling

filtration soiling

Filtration Soiling – What is it?

Those ugly dark lines along the edges of the carpet, what is it? You’ve vacuumed regularly.  You have even paid special attention to the baseboard and the edges of the carpet, but the edges still look dirty or discolored. It is not your fault. It is natural process that happens over time.

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Back to School Carpet Tips

Back to School Carpet Cleaning Tips

Back to school means different things to people. No matter who you are, the beginning of a new school year brings various emotions. One thing everyone will have in common is the new cleaning challenges that back to school will bring.

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