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Cranberry Sauce and Carpets

cranberry sauce

Cranberry sauce is a Thanksgiving dinner staple. No table is complete without it. Those gorgeous red berries add such a splash of color to holiday table. But what happens if someone makes a splash by spilling them on your carpet? No fear, with a bit of quick thinking and work you can get that carpet back to normal.

Cranberry Sauce – First Step

Do not let the cranberry sauce sit as it may stain the carpet. Blot up the liquid with a white cloth or paper towel as soon as possible. Do not rub it, just blot the spot. You may need to use a clean are of the cloth or new paper towels and do this multiple times. Keep doing this until you do not get any more liquid.

Scrap up any solids with a dull spoon, then blot up the liquid. You want to get the worst of it up quickly so it does not stain the carpet.  Use a white cloth or paper towel. Just blot the spot, do not rub it. You may need to use multiple towels to blot the liquid up as you need to use a clean part of the towel to blot with each time. Keeping blotting until you do not get any more color liquid.

Cranberry Sauce – Clean

Mix a tiny bit of liquid dish washing detergent with a cup of lukewarm water.  About ¼ teaspoon to 1 cup of water is a good mix. Only use liquid dish washing detergent as laundry detergent often has chemicals that might harm the carpet. Dip a clean cloth or paper towel into the solution and dab at the spill. Repeat this with a clean section of the towel until it the spill is clean. Start at the outer edges and work toward the center. This takes time and patience.

Cranberry Sauce – Rinse

Once you have it clean you need to rinse the detergent from the carpet. Use lukewarm water and rinse. Dab at it, but do not rub. Repeat this multiple times. Detergent left in the carpet will actually attract soil. No one wants that!

Call in the Professional

Call in the professional carpet cleaner in Centreville to get rid of that cranberry sauce spill and have the whole room clean and fresh. We all need that as that holidays are approaching quickly.

Carpet Protector

You might want to consider having carpet protector applied to your carpet. This helps spills to bead up and gives you more time to blot up a spill. At times that is all that you need to do for a small spill that has protector on it.


Extend Your Carpet Life

Extend Carpet Life

There are several things you can do to extend your carpet life.

Keep dirt outside!

Have mats at all entrances to catch the dirt and moisture on your shoes. Shoes pick up everything. Place mats outside and inside the doorways. Be sure to clean the mats regular or they won’t be able to absorb anything.

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Carpet Cleaning and Health

Carpet Cleaning and Health

Carpet cleaning can be beneficial to your health. If you suffer from allergies to dust and mites, the effects are year round.

Carpet Cleaning and Health – Reduce Dust Mites

Dust builds up in only a few days. It is never ending. Dust is made up of dirt but also from the dead skin you and your pets naturally shed. Dust mites love it! They feast on the dead skin. You probably aren’t allergic to the dust mite, but to the fecal matter they drop. Thousands of dust mites can live in your furniture, carpet and bedding.

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DIY Carpet Cleaning Risks

Extend Carpet Life

Most of us are very interested in “Do It yourself”. DIY is everywhere. It can be great, but DIY Carpet Cleaning does have its risks.

It is very tempting to try to do it yourself. After all, you can rent the machines in so many places. You can even buy your own machine for fairly reasonable prices now.  It must be a good idea, right?

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Carpet Cleaning and Supermarket Products

carpet cleaning and supermarket products

When you spill something on your carpet, your first instincts are probably wrong! A typical response is to grab a towel and start rubbing it. Ouch! No! The next response is to get something from the grocery store or mega store to clean it. Again, ouch!

Never rub a spill.  Grabbing a clean white towel is good, but blot the spill, don’t rub it. If you rub it, you are probably spreading it and pushing it deeper into the carpet pile. Just blot it, letting the cloth absorb it.

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Vacuuming Mistakes

Vacuum Cleaner

Did you know you can make vacuuming mistakes? Most people are concerned when it comes to buying a vacuum. You read reviews and want the best you can get. Did you know that if make these mistakes, even the best rated vacuum cannot do the job properly?

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Ink on Carpet

ink on carpet

You have ink on carpet! Why does it seem it is always a dark color that is spilled on a light colored carpet?

Ink on Carpet – First Step

Always act quickly. Blot it with a dry cloth or paper towel.  Do not rub, just blot it and get as much up as you can that way.

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Kitty Litter on Carpet

Kitty Litter on Carpet

One of the most annoying parts of being a cat owner must be the litter box. My cat seems to take great pride in tracking the litter to the carpet and then shaking it off her feet. There must be a better way to deal with this. Here are some tips I’ve found.

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Snow Chemicals on Carpet Bristow

Snow Chemicals on Carpet

Here in Bristow VA some of us are still snowed in. Along with the fun of snowman making and sledding, comes the pain of digging out the cars and driveways. It is easy to track snow chemicals onto your floors during a snow storm like this. These should be cleaned up as soon as possible.

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Butter Spill on Carpet

butter spill

Butter spilled on carpet does not have to ruin your day. Here are some tips on cleaning it up.

 Butter Spill – First Step

Do not let it sit as it may stain the carpet. Scrap up any solid butter with a spoon. Blot up the liquid with a white cloth or paper towel as soon as possible. Do not rub it, just blot the spot. You may need to use a clean are of the cloth or new paper towels and do this multiple times. Keep doing this until you do not get any more liquid.

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